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Frequently Asked Questions

General Matters

Nature of Investigations

Family Matters

  • I'm interested, what's the next step?

  • Why should I use your agency to conduct my case?

  • Why should I hire your agency to conduct my matrimonial/domestic case?

  • How much will the investigation cost?

  • When will my Investigation begin?

  •  Who will be working on my case?

  • Do I get updates or reports so I know what is going on with my case?

  • Where can your agency conduct investigations and surveillance?

  • Will I get pictures or video?

  • Can you guarantee the results?

  • I tried to do the investigation myself. Can you help me now?

  • My attorney says I don't need an investigator. Can he handle everything?

  • Can I tape conversations? Can you tap my phone?

  •  What if my spouse/partner leaves the state or country?

  •  What if you lose the person you are following while on surveillance?

  • Can one of my family members or friends do the surveillance?

  • Do I already have enough to prove that my spouse/partner is cheating?

  • I previously confronted my partner and accused them, or told them I believe they may be cheating. Can you still handle the investigation & surveillance?

  • I think my spouse/partner is listening to my calls or taping me, can you help?

  • My spouse/partner can be violent; do you offer any type of protection?

  • What types of equipment do you use during your investigations?

  • How will the evidence help me with my divorce or child custody case?

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