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​Surveillance has become increasingly necessary in the world today. We all respect our privacy, however, litigious and devious individuals are costing each of us tremendous amounts of money as well as threatening our safety and security.

Fraudulent insurance claims are on the rise. Stalking is more prevalent than ever. A disgruntled employee that is terminated threatens to injure  an office staffed with innocent people and we see more and more instances of this violence in the news.

Whether its domestic situations (especially those involving child custody/endangerment), threat management, workplace violence, worker’s compensation or disability claims our team of expertly trained, insightful and licensed investigators provide factual, unbiased evidence, which allows our clients to make informed decisions.

Whether you are an attorney, insurance adjuster, business owner or private individual, our professionalism and expertise can benefit you. Our reports include accurate details of the Subject, their day to day activities and abilities, physical limitations and restrictions.

Whenever possible, our investigators obtain video evidence both with hand held and covert cameras. Our staff consists of both men and women from ethnically diverse backgrounds and age groups. You can be assured that only the most appropriate investigator for your situation will be working your case to achieve optimum results.

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